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Sutherland Shire Football Association Inc.

Australia's Largest Amateur Football Association

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Sutherland Association Fixtures
Date Grade Rnd Home Team Away Team Venue Time
11-Aug-2018 12E S/F Engadine Crusaders Sylvania Heights Kareela 2 8:30 AM
11-Aug-2018 14A S/F Sylvania Heights Cronulla Seagulls Anzac 3 9:30 AM
11-Aug-2018 14C S/F Grays Point Sylvania Heights Waratah Park 3 10:00 AM
11-Aug-2018 14D S/F Miranda Magpies Sylvania Heights Solander 2 8:30 AM
11-Aug-2018 21B S/F Engadine Eagles Sylvania Heights Anzac 3 2:30 PM
12-Aug-2018 35F S/F Engadine Eagles Sylvania Heights Anzac 3 2:30 PM
12-Aug-2018 AL02 S/F Barden Ridgebacks Sylvania Heights The Ridge 5 11:00 AM
12-Aug-2018 AL06 S/F Sylvania Heights Gymea United Box Road 1 11:00 AM
11-Aug-2018 W12A S/F Sylvania Heights Marton Kareela 4 10:15 AM
11-Aug-2018 W14A S/F Sylvania Heights 1 Cronulla Seagulls Gymea Bay 2 9:00 AM

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